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1 hour per week

3 levels in total

Experience the power of play

2.5 - 6 years old

Math Music Motion exposes your child to mathematical concepts through the creative infusion of music and motion.

2 hours per week

6 levels in total

Derive & Discover

4 years old to 6th grade

Growing IQ develops your child's mindset through the discovery and exploration of math concepts, emphasizing critical thinking.

2 hours per week

2 levels in total

Tackling problems logically

6th grade to 8th grade

Coding Logic bridges math, computational thinking, and computer science engineering to prepare your child for the technological world we live in today.

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Our Story

Coding Logic was created as a derivative of Growing IQ (GIQ), a math-centric, enrichment program that focuses on teaching students a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and critical thinking skills.  GIQ parents often shared their frustrations regarding the lack of computational thinking in schools and what their children were learning in various coding programs.  Many expressed that they found this left their students without the proper understanding and confidence to tackle  problems that relate to programming.  In response to their concerns, we decided to apply the discovery-based learning approach of GIQ to computer science, and Coding Logic was born.

We strive to create enthusiastic problem-solvers and big-picture thinkers, as we introduce students to computer science concepts.
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