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We want children to...

Understand mathematical concepts deeply and develop the ability to think critically

We encourage opportunities for kids to...

Because learning happens
when we are struggling and making mistakes.

Logical Approach
to Problem Solving

Coding Logic is a logic-centered enrichment program for students who are ready to connect conceptual mathematics and the world of coding and computer science. It allows students to analyze, discover, examine, and take ownership of their computer science learning through sensory-rich learning experiences.

Our focus in on WHY we code and HOW to code.

that focuses on concepts rather than memorization of procedures.

Our Mission

To create a learning environment where students can develop a passion for learning mathematics, and approach the subject with curiosity, creativity, intuition, and most importantly excitement. We are here to help our students develop a growth mindset which will provide them with an edge at school and eventually in the real world.

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping your child on their journey of learning.  We understand that every child is unique in their way of learning, and we are here to develop their skills while empowering their innate confidence. We believe that a child must first believe in themselves to excel in school and life. Self-confidence is the key to success.

Our Focus is on...

Fundamental types of computational thinking skills that have been relevant for years, rather than a particular system, software, or language that may be relevant for today.

Teaching students the importance of working out problems algorithmically and how to properly examine the algorithms that are used in and outside of class.

We need to change the way
our children learn math!

Our programs start at the Conceptual level of mathematical understanding and expand into Procedural and Critical Thinking. Meanwhile, many schools and mainstream math curriculums start from procedures and stay in this approach without delving into the other two.





Classes collaborate together to develop solutions for real-world problems and adapt those ideas to work in a digital environment. Our curriculum and teaching methods are inquiry-based which lead to students deriving their own understandings.

How will my child learn?

Our curriculum works on developing computational thinking skills through unplugged (Hands-on) and plugged-in (Programming Based) lessons.

Algorithmic Thinking

Recording solutions as step-by-step instructions


Breaking down a problem into simpler steps


Identifying various aspects of a problem

Generalization & Patterns

Logical and seamless recognition of problems and their solutions

Data Representation

Understanding data and encoding schemes

Logic & Evaluation

Making sense of problems, solutions, data, and errors

What will my child learn?

Coding Logic is an introduction to...

Our focus is on WHY we code and HOW to code.

Learn through experiences of collaborative problem-solving, connecting materials and ideas to abstract computer science concepts.

We want our students to...

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